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Made a believer out of me! If you have a pool, you need a Staypoollizer.
Order one a few weeks before our vacation. Installed it and have been thankful ever since.
I see they now have a infomercial on…

Possibly the best auto pool filler on the market. Built much sturdier than the last one we just threw away. Very easy to setup and much quieter. I like the fact it came ready to use, no rocks needed to…

They delivered a quality item by the date they promised. Couldn’t be happier.

Two thumbs up for the Staypoollizer! I have wasted hundreds of dollars on different pool water levelers. None of them even come close to quality and ease of use of the Staypoollizer! Finally a product…

Outstanding piece of machinery compared to others I have tried previously.

Simply an awesome product! Delivered faster then had expected.  Super easy to set up. Works like a charm! Thinking about getting one for a Christmas gift. 🙂

A must have if you have a pool.

Awesome product and very easy to setup. Also, very quiet compared to our last pool water leveler (Pool Sentry) we had that only lasted 6 months.

I ordered the wrong one by mistake, so I called JCS to notify them I was in need of the in-ground model and was leaving on vacation in a few days. What happened next surprised the hell out of me. To my…

We bought the Staypoollizer before we left on vacation because one year while we were gone our pool water got too low and our pool pump went out. After the expense of replacing the pump I never wanted…

Shipped fast than expected. WOW what a neat system! Super simple set up. Wish we had the Staypoollizer years ago. Think this will be the ultimate gift for Christmas for my in laws!

Keeps my pool at the perfect level. Very simple to install and its nice not having to remember to check on the water level. Very happy, and a big thank you to JCS for a great product.

I am impressed with how easy it was to setup and it has work flawlessly.
I’m thinking I have found the perfect Christmas present for my Father in law.

This is the 2nd Staypoollizer I have purchased and both operate well.

Have to agree with Justin on his comment! It sure is nice to finally find a automatic pool filler that is built tough and easy to use. Add me to list of very satisfied customers! By the way, I also would…

Love it! I can finally come home from work and have a full pool. Thanks from Las Vegas!

The item was delivered as advertised. I was able to open the box and get the product operational within few minutes. It works as intended.

Awesome product! Ordering a second one for my parents house.

Very happy with the performance of the Staypoollizer . It was super simple to setup and shipping was way faster then I anticipated. Would recommend this product to anyone that has a pool and would like…

The Staypoollizer is hands-down the best pool filler we have owned. I have gone through several different types of pool fillers and none of them come close to the Staypoollizer in quality or dependability!…

It was very easy to adjust and hook up. The thing I like the most is never having to worry about my pump burning out due to lack of water. I’m very pleased with this and can now go on longer trips with…

I’m a busy mom with 3 kids the last thing I need is to worry about maintaining our pool. Thank God for the Staypoollizer. It has totally removed the hassle of keeping the pool water to the correct level.…

I received my order earlier than expected. I have to admit I was a little skeptical about ordering the Staypoollizer, but I have to give credit where credit is due. It is ready to use right out of the…

Out of the box an in use in 3 minutes. I have had other auto pool fillers that do not come close to the quality of this product. It is by far is the heaviest and most stable one I have used. I wish I had…

Received and installed it last weekend. Works great! Super easy installation. Set the level, turn on the water and you’re done. This is a great way to keep your water level at it’s proper level and not…

Simply the best solution for water loss in my pool. Very easy to install, built much better than other comparable units we have had. I Give the Staypoollizer two thumbs up!

Glad I ordered the Staypoollizer. My pool will usually need to have water added about two times a week. I planed to be gone for only a few days on a quick weekend trip to Vegas. Unfortunately, my return…

Works great, very easy to use and seems to be built much tougher then others models we have used. Oh and thanks for the ultra fast shipping, we where going on vacation and that gave me a few days to watch…

OK guys, I rarely take the time to come back and rate a product, especially since there’s nothing in it for me. I built a gunite pool six years ago in northeast Louisiana and the pool has been losing water…

I would just like to say thanks for the information given about the Staypoollizer prior to my purchase. Your company’s customer service is second to none! The gentleman I spoke with was very helpful and…

Really like the Staypoollizer setup. This unit has more range so I was able to set the water level lower then with previously owned auto pool fillers.
Rock solid performance with ease of use. 5 stars…

To get straight to the point, the Staypoollizer has been an investment. We no longer have the stress of worrying if our pool needs water added to it. The Staypoollizer takes that hassle away. We can leave…

I was surprised as to how quickly it arrived. Thanks so much.

I just received my IG Staypoollizer from Amazon. I am amazed at the quality. This is the fourth pool level control I have purchased and it looks like it’s the best quality and engineering of them all!

Pleasantly surprised to see how well the Staypoollizer is built. Out performs my old pool sentry and is much quieter. Would recommend the Staypoollizer to any one with a pool.



Founded in 2010, JCS Industries manufactures products of exceptional value with high quality, providing the best performing durable and easy to use products on the market.

JCS Industries is dedicated to providing fast shipping and exceptional customer service while exceeding customers expectations on a daily basis.



Free Priority Shipping In The USA with purchase of any Staypoollizer !



  • New Swivel Style Hose Connector
  • One Year Warranty
  • Attaches to any standard garden hose.
  • No assembly required. Comes ready to use!
  • Attractive anti-slip coating that keeps units in place wet or dry.
  • Continuously maintains the water level of your pool to within a 1/4 inch.
  • You can easily adjust the Staypoollizer water level from 4.0" to 9.0" of depth measuring from the top of the pool deck. *If required, additional depth ranges are available. Contact Us with your requirements (*additional charges may apply).

Buy more than one Staypoollizer and SAVE.

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for quality craftsmanship, simple design, convenience and most importantly for smart pool owners who know they shouldn’t have to worry about low water levels.


We designed and manufacture the Staypoollizer using an exacting construction process and only the finest materials.

The Staypoollizer Premium Automatic Pool Water Leveler

Out of the box and setup in 5 minutes!

If you own a home or a rental property and want to easily maintain the water level of your swimming pool.

If you have ever forgotten to add water to your swimming pool.

If you want to take a vacation and not have to ask the neighbors to add water to your pool.


Continuously maintaining the perfect water level of your pool!


Do I need to mount the Staypoollizer to my pool deck to keep it in place?
It depends on which model you have. The IG-Staypoollizer model will sit on your pool deck with no additional weight or attachments necessary. It is weighted down by design and has a anti-slip coating so it will not easily move. The AG-Staypoollizer model comes with hardware and instructions for attaching the unit to the Above-Ground pool railing.
Does it come with a connecting hose?
No. You can connect any standard garden to the Staypoollizer.
What is the total range of adjustment for the water level?
When measured from the top of the pool deck: 3.50″ to 9.0″ down.
What kind of maintenance is needed and how often, to keep the Staypoollizer in good working condition?
This is where we stand out from the crowd. The Staypoollizer has no need for maintenance. The units are built to last well beyond the average auto pool filler commonly found in today’s market.
Do I need to turn off the water when I'm away from home?
You do not need to turn off the water when you are away from home. The Staypoollizer is designed to automatically turn on and supply water to your pool when it’s needed. And will turn its self off when water is not needed.
Are there any parts that will rust? It is sitting in the water after all.
The Staypoollizer is designed to be maintenance free. It is constructed of polyethylene so it will not rust. Long duration testing in chlorine and salt water pools has shown no ill effects on the operation of the Staypoollizer.
What is your refund policy?
  1. Return any product purchased directly from JCS Industries LLC, in new/unused condition and in its original packaging within 30 days from the invoice date.
  2. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.
  3. Include a brief note indicating the reason for return and be certain to include important information such as the Invoice No. and your name and address. Also include instructions on the action you would like us to take: replace, or credit/refund. Charge card purchases will receive credit to your account within 10 days of receiving the return.
  4. Return product prepaid (UPS or Insured US Postal Service). Ship To: JCS Industries LLC 4201 Lake Gentry Rd Saint Cloud Fl 34772
What kind of connector do I need on my water hose to connect it to the Staypoollizer?
The Staypoollizer has a standard 3/4″ female hose connection. Simply attach the male end of a garden hose and you are ready to go.
I have a really large swimming pool. Do I need more than one Staypoollizer ?
The Staypoollizer can output up to 240 gallons per hour when needed. Regardless of the size of your pool only one unit will be required. Under normal circumstances, your pool will only need a nominal amount of water added per day.
How do I adjust the water level setting?
You can adjust the Staypoollizer water level from 3.5″ to 9.0″ of depth measuring from the top of the pool deck. To make the adjustment simply slide the float assembly up or down the lower rail until it is at the depth you need. *Additional depth ranges are available. If you need a water level depth that is greater than is provided by our standard models (3.5″ to 9.0″), please Contact Us with your specific requirements (*additional charges may apply).
Do I need to remove the Staypoollizer while swimming in the pool?
No. The Staypoollizer will continue to work just fine while the pool is in use. The wave action of the pool will not hinder its operation in any way.

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maintenance free design

Maintenance Free Design

Built with maintenance free polyethylene and designed to handle constant wave and splashing action during heavy pool use.

Assembled And Ready To Use

Attach a water hose. Adjust to the water level you want. Place over the edge of the pool deck.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the STAYPOOLLIZER within 30 days of your purchase, we will refund your money no questions asked.

Fast Shipping

Once your order is placed our team is set into action processing packing your order to get it out the door and delivered in record time.


We promise you won’t be disappointed!